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Advanced softening material for problem water provides a simple soluion for 5 common water problems:

Natural Organic Matter (including Tannins)




UV Dynamics


UVDYNAMICS manufacturesa complete line of Ultra Violet Water Disinfection Systems including NSF/ANSI 55 CERTIFIED UNITS at its manufacturing facility located in London, Ontario.

UVDYNAMICS is the only UV Company that designs and manufactures in-house, the power sources and disinfection chambers used in the production of its disinfection systems.

UVDYNAMICS in-house UV power source design capability provides an unequaled advantage. Not only does this level of vertical integration result in a cost structure that enables the company to sell its products at prices which are competitive in the market, but more importantly, it enables the company to closely integrate the design of all of the system components resulting in quality, full featured products which are inherently less costly to manufacture.

UVDYNAMICS continues to invest in production automation equipment enabling us to produce quality products in North America at prices which are more than competitive with off-shore suppliers.



Judo Water Treatment

JUDO Water Treatment develops and manufactures products ranging from simple filtration units to high-tech water treatment systems that provide quality drinking water for domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment solutions.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, JUDO offers a wide range of products specifically designed to manage water management problems in the North American market to meet the demand of water technology, safety and hygiene.

JUDO's range of products includes:
- Self cleaning back-washable water filters and strainers
- Self cleaning back-washable water filters for closed loop
- Point-of use drinking water systems
- Scale protection and hygiene units
- Water softening units

JUDO also provides custom made-to-measure solutions such as:
- waste water
- seawater desalination
- desalination by reverse-osmosis
- decarbonisation and softening by ion-exchange

Excellence in Quality and Engineering since 1936.


Premier Plastics

PREMIER PLASTICS is a Rotational Molding Manufacturer of polyethylene tanks used for water storage, septic systems, chemical and waste management applications

PREMIER TANKS are manufactured to the highest engineering standards, guaranteeing quality and reliability in every product.

-Rugged - one piece, impact - resistant - UV stable.
-FDA and NSF61 compliant for drinking water.
-Resistant to most chemicals (consult factory).


Unitra Inc

UNITRA INC, has built a rock solid reputation over 50 years of top Quality Designs with High Performances, Competitive Pricing and Timely Delivery. Supplying only Professional Distributors and OEM's around the world on five continents in more that 40 Countries. Unitra Inc., takes pride in the fact that the majority of our products are manufactured in our facility in Stafford, Texas and the major components of our products are manufactured in the United States of America to ensure the best Quality.